Torres del Paine

view of the Torres del Paine mountains from our room

We stayed at the most incredible accommodation in Torres del Paine. The view from our room was stunning and we could even see a fox and her cubs playing in the grass just below us. After each long day of hiking and exploring the vast wilderness we always returned to pure luxury. I have not slept on a better bed in all my travels. The hotel accommodates 100 guests and it was completely full. The location is so remote that every guest stays for the same duration and we were all there together for six nights. We met a lot of fascinating people. There were a few other couples around the same age as us that, like us, had splurged for the experience, including a couple on their honeymoon. For others it was just another get away like for Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka, and her husband who stayed a few rooms down from us. Some guests were pretentious but most were incredibly friendly. We often didn’t know the extent of their wealth until after having spent days chatting with them. There were a number of families with young children there as well.

Base of the Towers

In all, we hiked over 50 kilometres of trails during our stay. We did two ends of the famous “W” hike out to the glacier gray and also to the base of the towers. The latter we started while the mountain was covered by cloud. It snowed on the first part of the hike and the trail was nearly empty except for occasional hikers with Santa hats. It was December 25th after all. Leanne and I were the only ones to go from the hotel and we had one guide, a lovely young lady named Sole, to ourselves. The three of us had a great time and Sole said it was so much more fun to go with just two people. We agreed. We did the trip in great time and were rewarded with the sky clearing for perfect views of the towers.

Fox cubs playing

We also did a few boat trips, a horse-back ride, a bbq lunch with lambs splayed out at a distant ranch with gauchos, and a driving photo tour with another couple. We drove around the park looking at wildlife and saw plenty of rheas, guanacos, condors and other local animals. At one area where we had stopped the wind gusted above 100 kmh. It was easily the strongest wind I have ever experienced outside of an indoor sky-diving wind tunnel. It pushed me back two steps and Leanne and the other lady with us were pushed up a hill and down the road against their will. When we managed to get into the shelter of the vehicle we all laughed at the craziness of it. The whole region is windy, particularly during this time of year.

On our last full day we did another hike with just one other guest. On this hike we went into an unmapped section of the park and saw no one else. It was windy and the trail was overgrown in sections, but it made us feel like we were in true wilderness.

It was a fantastic week of sleeping on a heavenly bed, having phenomenal meals, and an all inclusive open bar all the while surrounded by stunning scenery. It was like we were living in a painting. We couldn’t have felt more spoiled and will miss the place tremendously.

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