The Puuc Route

Ik Kil Cenote. I jumped in from the tallest platform.

On our last morning in Chichen Itza we visited the most popular cenote of all, Ik Kil. This place has secured free parking, lockers and is extremely well cared for and is known to be incredibly busy with tour buses bringing people there later in the morning for the remainder of the day. It is also one of the locations for Red Bull’s annual cliff diving contests when professionals dive in from a custom platform at the top of the cenote. We arrived at 8:30AM and three employees were just finishing removing the leaves that had fallen in from the previous night. I jumped in feet first from the highest drop of about 20+ feet. Leanne didn’t go in, but took photos instead. I had the entire pool to myself. It was incredible, I loved it.


We left Chichen Itza for a 200km drive to Uxmal. Our GPS has incredibly outdated maps and it led us through many small towns no one visits now that the major highways have been built to bypass them.  I get a thrill out of going through the small towns and we really enjoyed our drive. Leanne felt uneasy in one of the larger, and what felt like a rougher one Kanasin, mostly because we zigzagged through tiny local roads, but the trip was without incident. We made it to Uxmal and checked into the lodge. We then hit the road again to for an 80km round trip to visit three ruins Kabah, Sayil, and Labna along the Puuc Route. They were easy to visit and a pleasure to see in the late afternoon. We could climb all over them and there were at most a handful of people at any of them. The drive was also stunning through greenery trying to reclaim the road built through it. In the evening we foolishly went to the Uxmal light show because it was no additional charge since we were going in the morning anyway. We were also told it was better than the one in Chichen Itza. This wasn’t the case and again we left after a half hour.


sleeping on oranges

The following morning we entered Uxmal just as the park opened. We climbed all over most of it before returning to the hotel to clean-up, check-out and drive to Merida. We are currently in the airport waiting to fly to Mexico City. We are continuing to update photos at this link.

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