The end of the world

The view at 10PM from our hotel in Ushuaia

We made it to Ushuaia, the southern most city on earth, sometimes referred to as the end of the world. This afternoon we are boarding our boat as we head to the South Shetland Islands and on to Antarctica. We are excited, but apprehensive about our crossing of the Drake passage. Two days ago a cruise ship had a 30 foot rogue wave breach its deck. Windows broke, they lost an engine, power, and communication. The captain said it was the worst weather he had experienced in 160 crossings. When we flew here yesterday the weather was so bad they turned our plane away and we were forced to land in a town called Rio Grande about 200km north of Ushuaia. We eventually were given clearance to return to Ushuaia.

Gardens around Buenos Aires

Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella

The temperature was a cold 4C and it was windy and raining when we arrived. We are staying at a beautiful inn of five rooms up on a view point to the far side of town so we organized a rental car to get around. It was a stark contrast to Buenos Aires where we had perfect summer weather, sunny with a slight breeze around 27C and sunsets after 8PM. We spent our time there enjoying the atmosphere of the Palermo Soho district. It is a trendy and popular neighborhood with amazing little shops, restaurants, and bars. Our best meal came on the second night at a place called Crizia. Beyond the the pasta served in a copper pot, the argentinean steak, the malbec wine, the highlight of the meal was the fresh (less than 48hrs old) Buffalo Mozzerella. It was unbelievably good.

This morning we are lucky to have sunny skies and we plan to drive to the Tierra Del Feugo National Park before heading back to the pier to board our boat. We will likely be out of contact for the next ten nights while on board. Here’s hoping it is a great adventure.

Palermo Soho district

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