The Eight of August

Us gettting into the boat we hired on Aug 8th. Possibly the last photo of Leanne in her beloved sunglasses.

Getting into the boat we hired on Aug 8th. Possibly the last photo of Leanne in her beloved sunglasses.

On the eight of August we hired a boat and captain to take us to the exclusive Anse Georgette, easily one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. We arrived with waves hitting the shore. I was asked to get out and hold the boat steady. I was at the bow trying to keep the boat level while Leanne and Moe exited from the back near the shore. I was in deep water and Leanne took our bags. She had the camera bag around her waste and just got out of the boat. I could see a big wave coming in behind her and yelled out as I let go of the boat to try to reach her. It crashed over her and submersed all of our camera equipment. She ran it ashore and our trusty camera bag kept everything just dry enough for us to get it out and not to have had any damage. We set everything on a rock and it dried out nicely.

I really love this beach, although it was being cruel to Leanne on this day. Leanne came out into the water with me past the cracking of the waves to float in the warm swells. Later when she was going back to shore another big wave came towards her. I yelled out a warning, but she could not hear me as she was toppled over face first into the sand. When she recovered her sunglasses (the first pair she ever loved) had been washed into the sea. We were unable to find them despite a lot of searching.

When we were finished at Georgette the boat dropped us off at Anse Lazio where we had lunch and said farewell to the captain. When we were done we walked towards the bus stop at the top of the hill when a passing car picked us up to give us a lift by the resort we are staying at. This saved us time and money so we were very lucky. We took advantage of the swim-up bar at the huge pool when we returned. In the evening they served our table a seafood dinner of lobster, mussels, calamari, etc. before dimming the lights and singing happy birthday and bringing out a cake for me. This is the first birthday where I feel my new age is a hindrance. I am coping with leaving behind the youthful “under 35” age category since I don’t like that I am now considered too old to join a number of travel tours. I also wasn’t ready to be lumped into the mid-life “35 to 49” age grouping that I now see on my Trip Advisor profile and have to fill-in when doing surveys. I know I will receive little sympathy for this except maybe from a few people in their twenties. It makes me think of how I rolled my eyes a few months ago when a girl was upset about turning the ancient age of 25.

The eight of August is the exact halfway point of our little around the world trip and August ninth is significant for us since it has been ten years since our first date. It is our last full day in the Seychelles and has been a perfect day to relax as it has been raining. The day after this we will be back in South Africa and Maureen will be in France.

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