Riviera Maya

Resort at Maroma Beach

The start of our Mexico experience was at a five-star, adults-only, all-inclusive resort between Cancun and Playa del Carmen. This wasn’t travel, it was pure vacationing. We had a swim-out pool off our room, thanks to a complimentary upgrade, and our days were very repetitive but relaxing.  Step one: big buffet breakfast of crepes, omelets, fresh fruit, etc. Step two: back to the room and out to the pool. Step three: lunch time. Step four: lounging on the awesome resort chairs on Maroma beach and people watching while yummy beverages are being delivered to us. Step five: fancy dinner at the Mexican, French, Italian or Japanese restaurant. Step six: sleep. Repeat all steps each day, not necessarily in order.

Our room. View from the bathtub to the pool

We tried to be so careful with sun exposure on our first day. We stayed in the shade everywhere and kept commenting about the foolish people who were beet red and still sitting in the sun. That night when we were getting ready for dinner we realized we were both red ourselves. Even in the shade we had burnt.

After a few days of relaxation we were ready to move on. Vacationing is nice, but we missed the excitement of travelling.  We picked up a rental car and drove it to Playa del Carmen. Despite great weather the previous days, it did not cooperate with our excursion. We walked the length of tourist central, Avenida 5, in the rain. We returned to complete a few more of the daily steps and checked out the following morning.

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