Return to Cape Town

a family of baboons approaching us at the Cape Point

a family of baboons approaching us at the Cape Point

I moved to Cape Town for part of a year immediately after finishing my undergrad degree. It was an important chapter in my life and very much a life highlight. It is a thrill to be back here again over a decade later.

Neither of us slept on our overnight flight from Argentina and we arrived in the early morning with no sleep and jet-lag. We took it easy for the first couple days leaving the camera behind at the guesthouse.

Last night we had a fantastic home cooked meal (our first in a couple months) with great company. Thanks to Nici, Andrew and their beautiful boy Luke.

This afternoon we rented a car and drove it down to Cape Point. It surprised me how comfortable driving a manual on the left side of the road was for me. I haven’t driven like this in years. It was a nice afternoon, but we started late and wished we had more time. We will do it again when we return to Cape Town in a month and a half. We were lucky to see in the wild: three ostriches, a family of baboons, and a Cape bontebok. Tomorrow we are flying to Uganda to start a real adventure. We are excited and nervous about it and we are also looking forward to coming back here to relax and enjoy Cape Town.

We only had the camera out for one afternoon, I will try to get more photos to show the city properly when we return. Photos are here:

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