View from our room in the Namib Desert

View from our room in the Namib Desert

We picked up our rental car at the airport when we arrived in Windhoek. We had a long drive ahead of us to make it out to where we were staying in the Namib Desert. It was over 400km to our destination with most of the journey on gravel roads. Sections of the drive were fortunately very scenic. We arrived just before sunset and had some drinks and settled in. The place we stayed at is far into a private reserve and there is only nature in sight when looking in all directions from the camp lodges. It is a beautiful spot and dinner was good and well presented.

Leanne was not feeling very well when we first arrived. The following morning we did a half day open jeep drive through the dunes and desert. Leanne became feverish shortly after the drive started and by the time we returned she was in absolute agony. Our room has stunning unobstructed views and we stayed in our private camp for the remainder of the day with the staff bringing us both lunch and dinner.

We went to the largest dunes in the world at Sossusvlei in the morning. I hiked in to see the striking barren trees growing out of the white ground behind the red dunes at Dead Vlei before we made the long drive back to Windhoek. Losing a day in the desert was disappointing but with Leanne not feeling well we are glad to be back in civilization. The closest doctor was over 300km away. There was no radio or mobile phone reception in the desert, but surprisingly I was somehow able to get on the Internet briefly at a farmhouse for a quick check.

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