Great White Sharks

Close enounter with a Great White Shark

Close encounter with a Great White Shark

I have just returned from cage diving with the Great White Sharks in Gansbaai. It is considered to be the Great White Shark capital of the world and draws National Geographic Society film crews and researchers from around the globe to study the wildlife. I had a phenomenal day of viewing the sharks. They arrived beside the boat within minutes of anchoring. In total there were seven different Great Whites and we saw all of them many, many times. We even witnessed a few surface breaches with the shark coming out of the water. Underwater in the cage I could see into their mouths with just the small bars separating me from them. I was very comfortable in the water watching them and put full trust in the cage to protect me. Many of the other people would panic from excitement when the sharks approached and some were jittery from the adrenaline rush of being so close to these massive creatures.

Weekend company in the dream house in Kommetjie

Weekend company in the dream house in Kommetjie

On the weekend we were treated to amazing hospitality. On Friday Nici and Andrew had us over for dinner at their home. And on Saturday we all stayed with Nici’s relatives in a large dream house across from the beach in the sleepy town of Kommetjie. On arrival we saw an incredible sunset. We had excellent company, amazing home cooked meals including salmon, salads, and roast chicken. We are very happy and thankful for the hospitality and enjoyed our time there. Before arriving I had tracked down the only place in Cape Town that has a license to import Belgian beers and I brought them along. This made me popular with Nigel (he owns the house). He loves Belgian beer and still has the beer glasses from when he lived in Europe. By luck, the glasses were for the same beer I brought. He shared his favourite wine with me and we drank rather excessively on Saturday. On Sunday we went for walks on the beach and when we left in the late afternoon we drove around the cape. We could see whales from the road and had another visit with the penguins. We enjoyed our weekend immensely.

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