Farewell Namibia

Dead Vlei, Namibia

Dead Vlei, Namibia

I have wanted to see Dead Vlei in the Namibian desert since the first time I saw photos of it. I am really happy to have made it here and the scenery we saw was exquisite during early morning and early evening. I have heard a few people say Namibia is their favourite country. It is certainly a place to get away from it all. I did enjoy it but the best description I have read of it is actually from the travel company that helped book our desert accommodation.

“Namibia really is a conundrum. On the one hand it is a land of incredible desert wilderness.. remote, soul-awakening places, visually stunning, barely populated and little visited. Whilst on the other hand many of the best known sites vary from slightly to extremely disappointing for a range of different reasons.”

We had a great flight on Namibian air to reach the country although we had a surprise when the cover for the emergency exit door popped off beside us mid flight. The driving wasn’t bad either with the exception of having a huge rock fly up from an oncoming vehicle that put an enormous chip in the rental car windshield.

We are now settled in Cape Town in an apartment we have rented for a while to have a rest from being on the road for so long. It is so nice to be able to make home cooked meals, do our own laundry and to fully unpack.

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