Fall 2010

Mumford and Sons at the Vogue

I am writing this while we are midflight on our way to Dallas where we will connect to Miami. We are travelling for five weeks as we head south all the way to Antarctica before returning north and coming home. We are excited to be travelling again.

I’ve had a number of memorable experiences this fall and thought I’d journal a few of them here for future reference. One of my favorite moments was on Oct. 15th when I rolled triple ones after a four way roll-off in the greatest “gooch” game of all time. Only friends from work will understand this one. I was so excited about that morning that I’ve joked about writing a book about the event, so it seems fitting to immortalize it here.

Another highlight was being in the same room with US President, Barrack Obama, for a speech he was giving. This opportunity was entirely by chance. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I attended without any political interest, purely for the opportunity to see such an iconic figure and charismatic speaker in person. The whole experience was surreal. While waiting outside in the security screening lineup I, and the other people attending, were harassed by demonstrators. It ran the gamut from calling us communists to seeking our support for legalizing drugs. Inside was also awkward for me. While the attendees exuberantly sang the national anthem and pledged allegiance to the flag, I stayed silent and realized that my lack of participation hadn’t gone unnoticed by the secret service. I’m sure they had me marked while the president was in the room. Some of those around me were invited to get close enough to shake his hand while I was never permitted to be closer than a shoes-throw away.

The Fraggle and The Hobo Clown heading to a Halloween party

On that same trip, the hotel I was staying in checked another person into my room while I was out for dinner. Rather than switching rooms, the new tenant packed my luggage and dropped it at the front desk and wouldn’t let anyone into the room until the morning. I was without my passport, keys, computer, etc. as they were still in the safe. It was an unbelievable and frustrating situation. Imagine my surprise when I returned to find my key didn’t work for the room and when I went to the front desk they told me, that’s right we are giving you a different room, here are some of your belongings. For reference, it was the Heathman Hotel in downtown Portland, Oregon. The director of operations has since apologized profusely, but not until after numerous complaints over the situation occurring and how it was handled.

The last couple of months have included many great live events including one of my all-time favorites in what turned out to be a surprisingly fantastic venue: Mumford and Sons at The Vogue. Leanne and I stood about twelve rows back on the center aisle watching the crowd and band dancing and singing their hearts out. I also saw the epic performance of Pink Floyd’s The Wall album at Madison Square Garden in New York, and Leanne and I went to the symphony of the Lord of the Rings which was performed by 200 artists. I had some great hockey highlights as well. I went to a Washington Capitals home game and saw Ovechkin and Semin win in overtime over the Philadelphia Flyers, and I’ve been to numerous Canucks games including the season opener.

My joy for great food was also satisfied many times. A couple memorable highlights include dining at Bar Masa in NYC and having mouth watering dishes such as Peking duck with foie gras in moo-shu ski. Leanne and I also had an amazing meal visiting Kim and Tim at his house and where we had an impressive multi-course dinner prepared for us by his phenomenal, personal French chef.

For travel I did revisit NYC and Washington DC travelling between the two by train from Penn Station in Manhattan to Union Station. Other than trips to Portland, that was it for being on the road.

We hope to post some updates over the next few weeks during our adventure.

The Wall in NYC, Hockey in DC, VSO in Vancouver

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