2011 Stanley Cup Run

The Vancouver Canucks were one win short of getting their first every Stanley Cup. I attended every home game in Vancouver since their last one of the season. It was an incredible run full of great moments I will long cherish. I will never forget defeating the Blackhawks (last year’s Stanley Cup winner) in overtime of  game 7 at home.  Crushing the San Jose Sharks 7-3 in game 2 of round 3 and of course winning the Western Conference Championship with a tying goal in the final seconds of the game followed by an overtime win. When Vancouver won its third game against Boston I, and the city, celebrated more than I ever have for any sporting event. Sadly game 7 ended in tragedy. I watched the Bruins hoisting the cup from ice level and when I finally walked away I could see the Vancouver riots on the TVs in the plaza. I escaped through the Canucks store onto Pacific to get home away from the crowds. That night we watched in horror from our balcony as riot police marched down our street, set off stun grenades and launched tear gas at neighboring rooftops while groups of thugs vandalized cars and windows.

The city was anew the next morning and recovered incredibly with everyone pitching in to clean up.  My vacation had started, well planned for the end of the playoff run.  I had a professional shave first thing of the morning getting rid of my shaggy beard that I had grown for two months since the playoffs had started. It was a great run and while the battered Canucks came up a game short I was thrilled with what they accomplished and will never forget it.

I have posted videos here and here to remember the good times.

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